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Sound Therapy with Whole Notes Harmony


Patient singing bowl therapy

Individual Sound Therapy

Individual Sound Immersion for your personal relaxation and healing. Words don't adequately describe the experience!

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Group Sound Immersions

Schedule a Sound Immersion Concert for your group or studio. Your friends, colleagues, and clients will thank you!

Singing bowls

Professional Partnerships

Add Sound Therapy to the awesome work you already do with your clients. They will come back for more!

Intuitive Coaching

Need some insight to get on to the next stage? I can help with that.

Church sound concert

Public Sound Events

Sound Immersion Concerts and other events for whomever chooses to attend. 


Good old fashioned piano - just in case you need an accompanist.

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Individual Sound Therapy

Whether you want to simply relax and let go of stress or take a personal inner journey to work through issues and blocks, Sound is the perfect vehicle. Each person receives the Sound differently and naturally, allowing that balance to be restored with ease rather than effort. Sound from the bowls and gongs travels through your body helping quiet the mind, relax tight muscles, and loosen emotional blocks.  I think of it as an opportunity to open parts of the self, release the 'stuff' that has been accumulated in life, and then reassemble the whole in tune with both Self and Universe. Sound positively affects your whole being and helps you touch your own source of inner peace and harmony.

Sound Immersion sessions are both passive and participatory.  You will lie on a comfortable cushion, fully clothed, as I place a series of singing bowls and gongs around your body to create that Healing Cloud of Sound.  Bowls may also be placed on your body.  Each sound creates a different note and overtones that resonate with your energetic and physical bodies. I sound the various instruments in a way that reflects your unique needs. This supports your individual intentions and process. No two sessions are the same. 

During the session your body becomes a receptacle for deep healing.  The sounds have been described as the "sound of the Universe manifesting" or "the sound of the void".  Many find that they hear messages in the sounds.  People receive the sounds physically in addition to their auditory senses.


"I felt a black cloud rise up and spin away like a tornado." 

"I stayed in a completely relaxed state that felt like sleep, but I was completely conscious."

"I felt a beam of light go from above my head, through my body, and all the way to the Earth.  I have never felt grounded in that way before!"

"I went on an inner vision journey that tied completely into the spiritual work I have done in the past.  I didn't want it to end!"

$72 per one hour session

Packages available

Group Sound Immersions

Schedule  a special Sound Immersion Concert for your group. I have performed private concerts for groups of friends, yoga studios, workshops, and church services. This is a beautiful shared experience where not only do the individuals receive the Sound experience, but a group energy and bonding occurs. No matter how everyone comes in to the event, they all leave with a smile!

In a group Sound Immersion concert, I will fill the space with sound.  Participants will generally relax on the floor, as they are comfortable, and experience the Cloud of Sound all around them.  I will also move through the space with various Sound instruments to provide individual clearing to each participant. Group Immersions create an energy all their own - no two are exactly the same.

Please call for pricing

Professional Partnerships

I love partnering with other professionals to provide the benefits of Sound to their clients, patients, and residents. This may include working in dementia care, in support groups, with reflexologists, massage therapists, and in yoga studios. Sound is the perfect accompaniment to many other therapeutic treatments. This is a beautiful opportunity to provide your clients with the additional support of Sound Therapy and enhance the effectiveness of the awesome work you already do.

Pricing depends on the partnership and what makes sense for the clients of that practice/facility.

Public Sound Events

I want everyone to be able to experience the benefits of Sound. I have at least one public event per month at minimal cost. Please see the Events page or Whole Notes Harmony on Facebook for a list of my public events. Spread the word!


Yes, I do still play the piano for churches and individuals. I am an accompanist, not a soloist. Just in case you have a need. Call me with details.

Price based on circumstance

Intuitve Coaching

Over the years, I have studied and practiced a number of modalities that have enhanced my intuitive senses and given me a broad base of knowledge from which to help people. I also built and ran a successful business for 10 years. I have things to offer if you are in need.

If you are interested, we will schedule extra time along with a special sound healing session. This creates a very beneficial synergy.

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