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Sound Therapy with Whole Notes Harmony

About Sound Therapy

sound vibration

The Power of Sound

 Everything moves, vibrates, spins, and circles. Motion, such as in the atoms in our cells or the planets in our Universe, generates frequencies and frequencies generate sound.  Whether it's in the range of our human ears or not, everything has a sound generated by its natural resonance.

 Each part of your body has a natural resonance that is its signature vibration.  When you are vibrating in harmony with yourself, you experience a healthy flow of energy and therefore health-ease.  When this natural flow of energy is hindered or disrupted, you become out of harmonious vibration within yourself and therefore experience dis-ease. My belief is that this occurs at an energetic level long before it manifests at the physical level.

Is Sound Therapy New?

 So is this some New Age mumbo jumbo? Well, some may choose to think so.  However, the idea that sound affects your health is not new.  Sound has been used since ancient times for healing ceremonies and to affect mood.  You use sound therapy when you listen to music to ease tension and stress.  Research is ongoing that shows that music, rhythms, frequencies and vibrations help us resist and recover from a wide variety of ailments.  Many hospitals, medical practices, and support groups have adopted music and sound therapy as part of their recovery support.  Watch the movie "Alive Inside" if you doubt the ability of music to affect aspects of the physical being.

 On the other hand, loud sounds can elevate stress levels, create imbalances in your nervous system, lower your immunity, and in extreme cases cause hearing loss. The beauty of the bowls is in their gentle sounds and vibration taken in through both hearing and feeling.

Experiences from Clients

"I stayed in a completely relaxed state that felt like sleep, but I was completely conscious."

 "I felt a black cloud rise up and spin away like a tornado." 

"I felt a beam of light go from above my head, through my body, and all the way to the Earth.  I have never felt grounded in that way before!"

"I went on an inner vision journey that tied completely into the spiritual work I have done in the past.  I didn't want it to end!"

About Me

Jan Coe with gong and singing bowl

Sound, Science and Spirit

 I am a musician, scientist, and spiritual seeker.  I remember singing before I remember almost anything else in my life.  I also remember wandering around our yard and garden observing and wanting to know how everything in the natural world worked and fit together. In my teen years I discovered astrology, numerology, and meditation, and devoured anything I could find on theories about how the Universe works and fits together.  I still want to know all those things and I find those answers in a combination of science and mysticism. 

I learned Transcendental Meditation in 1980 and embarked on an even more focused spiritual journey that isn't over yet.  I studied with a Qi Gong master for over 20 years.  I still meditate with the group he taught.  I have studied core shamanism through the Institute for Shamanic studies. A highlight of that part of my life was my Vision Quest in 2000. I spent my college years, and after, studying Hinduism, Buddhism, and delving deeper into my Christian roots.  My life philosophy and practice combines elements from all of those great teachings.

 I began my work life as an environmental scientist and data analyst in Oak Ridge, TN.  My most recent 10 years were spent building, owning and running a successful in-home care business in Knoxville, TN. Throughout that time I continued to develop my spiritual understanding and connection to the bigger Universe. Those ideas and practices gave me great compassion for my colleagues and clients and, frankly, kept me sane through ten years of a 24/7 business.

 Music also played a huge role in my life throughout my scientific and business endeavors. I continued as a singer, pianist, accompanist, and choir director - with a little musical theater thrown in before my boys were born. Indeed, it was my desire to use music to help my clients who were living with dementia that led me to the fateful day in 2014 when researching that very topic brought me to the sound of a singing bowl.

 I found the wonderful Suren Shrestha (author of "How to Heal with Singing Bowls" and spiritual master himself) and took his classes.  While he was giving a concert for us, another student brought a gong and played it with the bowls.  My father, who had passed away two years before, spoke to me on the wave of sound that came from that gong! I knew then where the rest of my life was going.

 I have been blessed to be able to retire from my home care business and spend my time and energy offering Sound Healing and Harmony to whomever chooses to seek it out.  It is the perfect blend of science, music, and mysticism. It satisfies my lifelong need and desire to help and support others.  I hope you choose to join me on this Sound Journey.