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Sound Therapy with Whole Notes Harmony


Nada Brahma

sound therapy, the world is sound

The World is Sound....

Everything is made of vibration, including ourselves. All the great spiritual and scientific teachings say that the Universe began with a Song, a Word, a Bang - a Sound.  Connecting with Sound can bring us back to the Whole. Journey with me as I use sound to tune the whole of Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

Inner harmony is a beautiful thing. 


Welcome to My Journey

I am fascinated with Sound. First it was singing, that beautiful vibratory experience that starts inside and then rolls from us with joy and abandon. Using the life force of breath to create beautiful music.  That is how I experienced sound as a child.  Next it was piano, then guitar, dulcimer, recorder - anything that made beautiful sounds and allowed me to harmonize with others.  Next came drums and percussion - the revelation of the primal experience of sound deep inside - and the ability to journey on the feel of the beat.  And then one day, while researching how music and sound can help people with dementia, my true loves revealed themselves to me: Singing Bowls and Gongs!  Whole Notes Harmony was born!


Why Sound?

The idea that sound affects your health is not new.  Sound has been used since ancient times for healing ceremonies and to affect mood.  You use sound therapy when you listen to music to ease tension and stress.  Research is ongoing that shows that music, rhythms, frequencies and vibrations help us resist and recover from a wide variety of ailments.  Many hospitals, medical practices, and support groups have adopted music and sound therapy as part of their recovery support.  Watch the movie "Alive Inside" if you doubt the ability of music to affect aspects of the physical being. 


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Individual Sound Session

individual sound therapy

Experience the benefits of sound in an individual Sound Therapy session with Whole Notes Harmony in Knoxville, TN.  You will relax among the bowls, gongs, and various sound instruments as I provide the vibrations that support your own individual sound healing experience. Perfect for focusing on specific intentions or personal areas in which you want to evolve. My clients have amazing experiences floating on the Healing Cloud of Sound. 


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Group Sound Immersion Concert

sound bath

In a group Sound Immersion Concert, I will fill the space with sound.  Participants will generally relax on the floor, as they are comfortable, and experience the Cloud of Sound all around them.  I will also move through the space with various Sound instruments to provide individual clearing to each participant. Group Immersions create an energy all their own - no two are exactly the same. 

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For Professionals

dementia music

I work with other professionals to provide the benefits of Sound to their clients, patients, and residents. This may include working in dementia care, in support groups, with reflexologists, massage therapists, and in yoga studios. Sound is the perfect accompaniment to many other therapeutic treatments.

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